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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Infectologia e Medicina Tropical


The PPG-IMT presents 20 permanent professors, who develop their research projects in 15 research lines currently in the Program, which cover different topics related to Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine. Among them, we highlight traditional research lines such as “Chagas disease”, “Schistosomiasis”, “Tropical Cardiology” and “Leishmaniasis”, among others; as well as reformulated research lines, such as “Immunology of Infectious and Tropical Diseases”, “Clinic, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious and Tropical Diseases” and “Viral Infections: HIV, HTLV-I/II and other viruses”, among others. Such lines are passing through a continuous process of review and enhancement, aiming the improvement of the technical and scientific quality of the projects in development as well as the quality and nature of production. Also, the Program aims the development of translational research, focusing on the development of projects involving both basic and clinical research areas, allowing the interaction and collaboration between the different groups that are part of the Program, as well as groups from other Teaching and/or Research Institutions in Brazil and abroad. We have also encouraged the arrival of foreign researchers to the Program, such as the participation of professors from UK in the 1st Research Meeting of PPG-IMT, in 2015, which has enabled the beginning of a long and fruitful international collaboration. This should provide a significant impact on our internationalization, considered one of the guidelines established in recent years for our quality improvement, also aiming the exchange of teachers and students between institutions. Such collaborations will enable the development of human resources of high quality, as well as publications of scientific articles with high impact. The PPG-IMT has medical and non-medical students who have graduated in courses related with the health area, in order to encompass a higher level of professionals and to allow the diversification of projects developed in dissertations and doctoral theses. In addition, the PPG-IMT receives students from other Brazilian states, as well as from other countries. We have stimulated the realization of post-doctoral fellowships and, currently, we have 10 doctors in this situation, many of them with post-doctoral scholarships provided by CNPq and PNPD/CAPES, which are participating of research groups and following post-graduate students in the Program.