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Promoção de Saúde e Prevenção da Violência


Theoretical-methodological bases of violence approach

Lines of thought; the incorporation of violence in health; explaining and overcoming violence.

Analysis of the situation of violence

Research methods, epidemiological designs, production and analysis of the data on violence.


Descriptive and exploratory statistics. Probabilities. Distribution models. Sampling. Statistical inference.

Adolescence, Family, Violence and Territory – Methodological and Clinical Approach

Reflection on the clinical practice of psychoanalysis for adolescents and families.

Integral Care for Women’s Health in Situations of Violence

Explanatory theories; Approach strategies; providing care to women in situation of violence.

Providing care to Victims and Aggressors

Promotion and Guarantee of Human Rights in the face of rights violation.

Theoretical-Methodological Bases and Care Practices toward Women in a Situation of Violence

Explanatory theories; planning; cares; networks; practical attention activities.

 Epidemiology Concepts and Applications

Basic concepts of epidemiology. Critical analysis of the epidemiological and demographic transition. Research designs.

Health Data: Accessing and Handling Datasus, Tabwin, and Dbase Iii + Files.

Accessing and handling available health data in DataSUS

Scientific Evidence

Fundamentals of Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Systematic review. Meta-analysis.

Introduction to Spss – Statistical Package For Social Sciences

Developing and handling databases using the SPSS platform.

Introduction to Qualitative Research

Essential aspects and bases of qualitative research.

Mobilization and Social Participation in the Prevention of Violence

Collective action, community, social control, social capital, collective effectiveness. Organization, community participation and social mobilization.

Public Security Policy and Prevention of Crime and Violence

Urban violence and public crime control policies

Policies Elaborated by Evidence

Concept, development and practical application of evidence in policy formulation

Health and Peace Promotion and Violence Prevention I

Sociability, citizenship, and human rights as violence control.

Health and Peace Promotion and Violence Prevention I

The development of the Individual and the prevention of violence

Production – Consumption – Environment – Health – Disease

The social dimension of work and its modern-day configuration

Resilience and Socio-Affective Health

Resilience in Psychology

Accountability and Control

Acts of violence prevention, and accountability and control developed by the courts

Child and Adolescent Health

Child, Adolescents, Risks, Healthcare

Health and Environment

Historical-conceptual approach to the relationship between state, environment and health

Special Topics in the Children and Adolescents Health

Topics and Modules – current topics.