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Saúde da Criança

Lines of Research

  1. General Aspects of Pediatric Education and Care – this addresses medical education, the teaching of pediatrics and the care of children and adolescents in different scenarios.
  2. Cardiovascular disorders – this deals with the main cardiovascular diseases that affect children and adolescents.
  3. Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic disorders – this addresses endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders, obesity, and nutritional alterations in children and adolescents.
  4. Disorders in the perinatal and neonatal period: clinical and genetic aspects – Addresses perinatal and neonatal problems, congenital anomalies, genetic diseases, and newborn care.
  5. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver: clinical, microbiological and molecular aspects – Addresses diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract that affect children and adolescents in their multiple facets.
  6. Respiratory tract disorders – Covers the main respiratory tract disorders that affect children and adolescents.
  7. Kidneys and urinary tract disorders – Considers the main diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract that affect children and adolescents.
  8. Congenital and acquired immunodeficiency disorders – Considers allergies and congenital/acquired immunodeficiency in pediatric patients.
  9. Neurodevelopment disorders – Addresses clinical, neurological, psychological, speech, and hearing issues in children and adolescents.
  10. Cancer and blood disorders – Deals with the main oncohematological diseases that affect children and adolescents.
  11. Care of the critically ill pediatric patient – Covers the principal illnesses and issues related to pediatric patient care in emergency services and intensive care units.
  12. Acquired infectious diseases – Deals with the main acquired infections by children and adolescents in the community and healthcare associated infections