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The Postdoctoral Residency Program aims to complement and consolidate the education of holders of a PhD degree earned from Brazilian or foreign higher education institutions, as well as to provide training in academic practices under the supervision of faculty members of the graduate program. The program comprises research project development and teaching activities in undergraduate and/or graduate courses, supervised by the Postgraduate Program in Public Health faculty. Moreover, it creates opportunities for internal diversification and strengthening of teaching and research groups via participation of postdoctoral fellows from other institutions. The Postdoctoral Residency has a minimum duration of six (6) months and is renewable at the discretion of the Graduate Program Board.

Scholarship applications must be forwarded to UFMG or other state, national or international funding agencies. Applicants must contact faculty members holding tenured positions in the program for prospective supervision and further information.

Target audience

Holders of PhD degree in Public/Collective Health or related areas.

Conclusion and Certification

At the end of the postdoctoral period, a report comprising a detailed description of all activities carried out, in addition to any related intellectual production must be submitted for analysis by the supervising professor and the Graduate Program Board.  A certificate of Postdoctoral Residency completion will be issued upon report approval.