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Ciências Fonoaudiológicas


– General objetives

  • Provide human resources with excellency in knowledge production and higher education teaching with reference to functional health and human communication process
  • Develop scientific contributing research for the country in Speech-Language and Hearing Pathology and functional health

– Specific objectives

  • Produce theoretical-methodological references to understand the biopsychosocial model and interactions between functionality and human communication.
  • Knowledge production based on concrete situations in functional health care, encouraging the creation and proposition of innovative projects under solid scientific bases to solve relevant problems.
  • Provide the professional means to scientific investigation, knowledge sharing and national and international group research collaboration.
  • Prepare professors to teaching courses in Speech-language and hearing sciences and in functional health area for graduation and post-graduation programs.
  • To value and encourage new talents development for research in Speech-language and hearing sciences and correlated areas.
  • Improve scientific and technological production standards in speech-language and hearing sciences and functional health.
  • Contribute to scientific and technological development in speech-language and hearing science in the regional and national domains.
  • Develop leaderships to reflexive and critical acting in different contexts of health, considering philosophical, scientific, cultural and ethical aspects.
  • Prepare researchers and professors in speech-language and hearing sciences, able to articulate research, teaching and extension in an interdisciplinary and interprofessional means under functional health principles.