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Applicants to the Master’s and PhD Program must hold a bachelor degree in any health-related course. Applicants holding a similar degree in other areas who have experience in the field of health may also apply at the discretion of the Graduate Program Board.

The selection process for the master´s program takes place at the end of every year.
Candidates must sit an eliminatory and classificatory written test on general public health knowledge, and provide evidence of English language ability.

 The selection process for the PhD program is held at the end of every year. Should vacancies remain, continuous selection may take place, at the discretion of the Graduate Program Board. In this case, designated dates will be informed at the website of the Graduate Course Center of the School of Medicine no later than 30 days prior to the start of the selection process. The selection process for the PhD program involves analysis of the research project and curriculum vitae (CV), and interview about the respective project. Previous experience in research and publications in public health or related areas will be taken into account when evaluating the CV. Applicants must have published at least one article in a scientific journal in the last five (5) years, or are required to have an acceptance letter for publication in national and international journals indexed in Medline database, or in journals rated Qualis B1 by CAPES, in any field of health. Applicants must also provide attest their knowledge of the English language and of a second foreign language. Applicants should pay attention to notifications of selection processes informed at this website.

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