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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Infectologia e Medicina Tropical


General objective:

General objective of The Post-Graduation Program in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

  • To train human resources of high level which can contribute to the teaching, research, extension and management in the field of Health Sciences, particularly in the area of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, as well as for the development of Brazilian science; besides providing better training for health professionals who work directly with the population, through an appropriate technical and scientific training. It is expected that these professionals will be inserted in national and international networks of knowledge production, which are dimensions considered essential for the quality of academic research as well as for the training of new professionals to perform teaching and research at different levels.

Specific objectives:

Specific objective of The Post-Graduation Program in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

  • Contribute for the formation of human resources for insertion in the Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine area, as well as in related areas, aiming to attend the demand of Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers in Brazil and abroad.
  • Produce applicable knowledge on national and international levels, contributing to the understanding and overcoming of the health problems that affect the populations, with emphasis on those related to Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine; helping in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of such diseases.
  • Train and qualify professionals who can actively act serving the population and search for solutions for prevalent and/or emerging health problems in Brazil.
  • Produce dissertations and doctoral theses that can contribute to the production of knowledge in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine.
  • Build research groups involving professors and students, aiming to establish dialogue with national and international academic communities.
  • Support and encourage students to publish their studies in excellence international journals, and to study and work abroad through the development of partial or full doctoral thesis.
  • Improve the Program’s academic profile through a regular self-assessment, aiming to improve its functioning structure, its indicators of intellectual production and, mainly to renew the institutional agreement as a Post-Graduation Program of excellence and international level.

Objectives of Master’s degree:

  • Develop a scientific project in a structured and organized manner, participating of its different stages and producing scientific articles for publication in journals of excellence and high impact.
  • Perform theoretical studies of reflexive nature, ordering ideas about a particular topic.
  • Develop, debate, discuss, question and express points-of-view. Develop reasoning and arguments that support positions, polemics and establish relations of cause and consequence and logical organization of ideas.
  • Develop the critical and reflective capacity of the students.
  • Prepare the student for developing a doctoral degree.

Objectives of Doctoral degree:

  • Train doctors with knowledge in the Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine areas, to act in the future as professors and/or researchers in Higher Education Institutions and/or Research Centers in Brazil.
  • Develop the independent and creative work ability in the students.
  • Promote the acquisition of new knowledge and validate it through publications in scientific media of international relevance, indexed and with high scientific impact.
  • Develop critical view regarding the original and quality research, aiming the production of new knowledge with social and scientific impact.
  • Develop the capacity of students’ orientation and formation of research groups.
  • Train students for writing original thesis.